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LogLogix The Smart Data Logger

For Rockwell's logix series is ..finally here

Launch Price - only :
$375.00 USD

LogLogix is a smart data logger implemented as a window service that requires absolutely minimum PLC configuration (next to nothing). It auto creates a SQL Server database per PLC and starts to log immediately if asked to do so by the PLC. There is no need for an expensive OPC server.

..Designed for the Rockwell ControlLogix, CompactLogix and SoftLogix families of programmable automation controllers, LogLogix is compatible with controllers running FRN v17 or later… LogLogix has been tested using version 17,18,19 and 20 but could well work for even later versions

LogLogix has also been tested under windows server 2012, window server 2008 (R2), window server 2003 SP2 standard, window 7 and even window XP Pro XP3. The dot net framework 4 is required..

No User Interface (UI) configuration is required; LogLogix auto self-configure by directly reading PLC .L5X file.

Designed for PLC programmers with very little database knowledge and also for Database designers with next to nothing PLC knowledge

LogLogix is up and running in a matter of minutes saving huge costs.

Diagnostics are via an auto generated custom event log, an error table in the database and also an auto generated text file to log errors.

You can try LogLogix for free by downloading it. The trial version runs for two hours then stops, but can be restarted.

Features Secure Online Payments and Credit Card Processing by FastSpring Amazing launch price of $375 USD!

 No UI Configuration, No OPC

LogLogix reads the PLC .L5X file and auto creates all required databases; one database per PLC on the network.

The tags to be logged follow a very simple naming convention.

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  • Generated custom event log
  • Each PLC has a corresponding error table in the database
  • A text file is also auto generated for error logging should writing to the event log fail
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Fast Start up

  • LogLogix is up and running in minutes
  • Very simple set up in the PLC that follows good design practices
  • The savings on design and speed of start up save huge costs
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